Do It Yourself iPhone Repair

Product Reviews for the DIYer

For the DIYer the internet is an amazing resource to find solutions to just about anything we need to repair.  I personally have benefited from online tutorials that have saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. Completely unrelated to iPhones, our Honda mini van slider door stopped sliding and the dealer quote was $450.  I bought a part online for $45, found a “how to” video online, and one hour later, voila!  Slider door fixed.  Saved money, and I felt really good about myself.  (My wife was pretty impressed, too.)  What I didn’t tell you was that it was not working for an entire year before I finally fixed it.  Yikes!

I get so much joy out of helping folks make the best decision possible for them with their iPhones.  I really do.  Our iPhones are not just a phone.  They are a part of us.  Literally.  So when they go down, a part of us can’t function well, and we all need help to get them back up and running.  So what do we do? We go online and search for iPhone repair service near me.  Right?

The purpose of my Product Reviews for the DIYer is to weed through the massive amounts of information to give honest and trustworthy intel. to help make informed decisions based on years of iPhone repairs and customer interaction.

  • My phone is insured, but the deductible is $200.  What should I do?  HINT:  It shouldn’t be just a financial decision.  What are my options?
  • Should I even pay for insurance coverage on my phone?  Do I have options?
  • My phone is broken and still under contract, but I am eligible for an upgrade.  What should I do?
  • Whose parts can I trust to buy and repair my iPhone?  Does cheap mean poor quality and expensive mean great quality?
  • To repair or not repair, that is the question.

Do you have a question about your broken iPhone?

I would be thrilled to help you navigate the vast sea of information you face to help you make an informed decision.  Email me at or leave a comment, and I am happy to reply as if you were a customer that walked into my store.  Experience is the best teacher, and I’ve had an abundance in the repair industry.