iPhone Screen Repair Cost: To DIY or not to DIY?

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iphone screen repair cost

Is it possible to keep my iPhone screen repair cost down by repairing my own iPhone screen, or should I just pay someone to do it?  Apple will always tell you to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store, and sometimes that’s warranted, especially if your iPhone is still under its one year manufacturer warranty.  However, do you take your Honda to the Honda dealership to fix an oil leak or repair a broken transmission?  Many of us don’t.  We take it to a mechanic we trust.

Well, if I was a better salesman, I’d tell you to take it to an experienced iPhone repair tech, like me, to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  However, don’t we all want to save money where we can?  If I can learn how to fix iPhones, you can do it.  Trust me. Buy an iPhone Repair Kit and GO FOR IT!   I recommend this affordably priced, yet highly rated iPhone 6 White Screen Repair Kit. An order link for an iPhone 6 Black Screen Repair Kit is given at the bottom of this post.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s a simple process.  If it was, many more people would be doing it.  (Go and read my “About Me” article in the main menu to hear my first repair story.) The problem IS NOT the repair process itself. The trouble lies in the repair videos, guides and products that are lacking information that will, at best, cause you serious frustration, and worst, damage your iPhone irreparably.  I’ve previewed many iPhone DIY repair videos and guides over the years, and many of these miss vital information.

Here’s a simple example of what I mean by alleviating frustration in your own DIY repair that so many videos advise regarding an iPhone screen repair.  iphone screen repair costAfter removing the two pentalobe screws (5 point)  on each side of the dock connector, many “how to” guides recommend and model removing the screen using a suction cup. iphone screen repair cost





The trouble is, they often show the removal or lifting of the LCD/Digitizer assembly on a clean, unbroken screen. Suction works great on a clean, unbroken surface.  Not so much on a shattered screen.  You won’t damage your iPhone screen more, but it will cause you serious frustration because it just doesn’t work. You’ll just end up yelling at your computer screen like I do when I watch a DIY repair video that isn’t working the way it shows.

There is a much better, frustration free method, but you’ll need to head to  my repair guides (currently under production) to find out more DIY tips. However, I have posted a step by step process to partially remove a screen for water damage iPhones here. If you’re ready to repair your broken iPhone 6 screen, be sure to check out my step by step repair video of a live screen repair here.

Advice to consider:

  • Just because a Youtube video has millions of views, it doesn’t mean it’s error free or the BEST approach to take in repairing your iPhone.
  • Most videos and guides show you how to take your iPhone apart, but they don’t reverse the process.  If you’ve ever tinkered with taking apart anything, you know that putting it back together is even harder than taking it apart.
  • Guides that show you a scale of difficulty, in other words, on a scale of 1-10 this is a 7…or a rubric that states easy, moderate, difficult.  For an absolute beginner, it’s likely going to take you longer and be harder than it appears.  BUT, you can do it!

What’s my advice?

Since I’m a DIYer, I’m interested in your success as a DIYer.  I want you to be successful and save money. I recommend an affordable and highly rated iPhone 6 Black Screen Repair kit here.

Please come back and check out my repair videos as I complete them for a thorough representation of actual repairs that I perform out of my store.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I would be thrilled to answer your DIY iPhone questions, so feel welcome to ask away!


8 thoughts on “iPhone Screen Repair Cost: To DIY or not to DIY?”

  1. Thanks for sharing Patrick,
    I’d love to check out your repair videos. I have an Iphone. I dropped it to the water twice. Luckily, I got the insurance from Apple that they allow me to replace a new phone. I’ve never broke my screen but I know it will happen one day. I’d love to know how to fix it by myself 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kien. I am looking forward to completing production of some “how to” videos for iPhone repair; however, water damage is a completely different category all together. Replacing is the best way to go.

  2. Hi Pat

    Interesting article, although I am a Samsung guy myself (don’t shoot me!!), would this be the same process for all smartphones? What I mean is, could what I learn from your videos be applied to my phone if it ever breaks? or are the phones fundamentally different that it’s not worth the risk? Look forward to your videos. Oh yeah, I agree with your point about not taking Youtube videos as authoritative simply because they have hundreds of thousands of views.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Minhaj. Definitely not the same process. For years, I repaired both the Samsung Galaxy and Note lines as well. I decided just to focus on the repair of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Samsung repairs are much more advance for the DIYer if you just want to replace the glass (digitizer) because you have to separate the LCD from it. Without specialized equipment, this is not a DIY job. With that said, you can order Digitizer/LCD assembly, but they are generally much more expensive and not worth it because you can pay someone to repair for the price of that assembly. (generally speaking) Thanks again for your comment!

  3. This is perfect – I have a smashed iPhone 5 and a smashed iPhone 6. You could say I’m an expert at DIY iSmash. I’d like to be able to do something with both of them BUT don’t want to pay for it and you’re right…the videos I’ve researched don’t show how to fix a smashed phone. Definitely looking forward to your how-to videos!

    1. Hi Shirley. Thanks for the comment. Awe…smashed iPhones are music to my ears. There are good videos out there but the reason for the post is that you just have to be cautious to know the little things that they miss that can cause big problems. If you want to dive in and try, I’d be happy to give advice if needed.

  4. Great website with a lot of very useful information. I am a DIYer and attempted to replace broken glass by watching a YOUTUBE video last year. You are absolutely correct in advising …not all videos are complete! Looking forward to the videos

    1. Thanks so much, Connie. As I reply to your comment, I’m editing an iPhone 6 repair video that I believe will be thorough and easy to follow for those who have a willing heart to take on the task. It’s just the beginning…

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