iPhone Repair Service Near Me or DIY?

Do It Yourself – You CAN do it!

apple-iphone-repair-screenIf you’re one of the 30% of iPhone users who have a broken iPhone, You’ve searched online for iPhone repair service near me or something similar. The internet is filled with hundreds of videos detailing procedures to fix your broken iPhone along with a DIY kit.  The repair business has made a cool $5.9 Billion dollars repairing broken smart phones in the past ten years.

Being part of this repair business for five of those years as a mobile technician and current owner and operator of a store front, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly regarding DIY iPhone repair advice.  As I write, the number one viewed Youtube repair video for an iPhone 6 with a staggering 4.5 million views is produced well and seems clear.  Heck!  It makes the repair look easy, BUT IT HAS FLAWS that, for the DIYer, can cause at minimum lots of frustration, and at worst, irreversible damage.  

I make part of my living repairing iPhones, but the thing that brings me great joy is helping folks in all areas of iPhone repair and advice.

I hope you will find this website a great resource to help guide your iPhone repairs with clarity and honesty from years of training, learning and practice.  I’ve seen and heard almost everything in the iPhone repair business.  The stories I’ve heard and iPhones I’ve seen are as varied as your imagination can take you.  I’ve repaired iPhones from dropping in a toilet to dropping into a glass of chocolate milk…being driven over by a car to being rolled over by a steamroller (really)…being dropped from a lap to being thrown against a wall by an angry girlfriend.

Our iPhones get broken, and for whatever the reason, we need them repaired.  For those of you DIYers out there brave enough to take on the challenge, ask me a question.  I want to help you.  As time progresses, I will be posting my own screen repair videos, step by step instructions, and time saving strategies to guide your way to a successful DIY iPhone repair.  If you have any questions about your repair, please email me at patrick@iphonerepairtips.com or leave a comment below, and I’d be happy to respond.  Happy repairing!

13 thoughts on “iPhone Repair Service Near Me or DIY?”

  1. its a good page bro I like the overall feel of the page not to much its easy on the eyes and easy to understand what your business is about I like the set up separating the phone series .
    I feel like you could maybe go into more detail about the different ways you can fix an iphone or maybe all the most popular damage to iphones
    keep up the good work bro

    1. Thanks Taylor. Yes, that’s the point. My website will eventually be filled with actual repair videos, how to’s, trouble shooting tips and tricks, etc. Just started out. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Hi… I like the feel of your website and when I saw the DIY page for the phones I could not wait to click on the button. It will be nice to come back to your site and see the solutions to different problems that customers tend to have and what suggestions you could give to resolve this. Please do keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Aisha. I appreciate your enthusiasm about my DIY iPhone Repair Tips. I have truly done this so long that I’m excited to impart honest and trustworthy intel to help folks save time, money and frustration.

  3. Knowing how to repair an iPhone is a sweet skill to have these days! I have an iPhone 7 Plus myself, and I’ve got at least six other friends who also have them as well. I know one who has dropped her phone and broken the screen several times!

    I also had no idea that the repair business makes almost six billion dollars! That is crazy money! How much does it usually cost to get one phone screen repaired at a standard repair store?

    1. Great question, Nick. That’s the purpose of my blog. There is not such thing as a “standard” repair store. The repair industry is so massive that everyone seems to be getting in on it. If you read my post from March 18 titled Apple iPhone Repair Screen or Claim Insurance, you will get the low down on your particular iPhone. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Hi Patrick. Your site will be very useful for many of us who prefer to fix things instead of rushing out to buy an all new device. Videos will be wonderful, that I know you are planning. I recently fixed my MILs Kuerig coffee machine by following the directions on a video about it. Maybe the next time I break my phone, I will find a video you have done 🙂

    1. Thanks Maddy. I can certainly appreciate all who are DIYers out there. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will return to view my repair videos that I believe will be clear and thorough. Thanks again!

  5. Patrick, interesting website. I can see why I own a android instead. It only cost me $100. I don’t really have to worry about insurance. I have had mine for about 3 years and have not lost it yet. As you say, most people just leave them in store or restaurant. Thanks for the advice about checking everything before you leave. Don’t be in a hurry! In so many area of life I am finding the importance of using u-tube to see if I can fix it myself. Thanks for that reminder too. You might in the future give some advice about androids. I think the directions for getting the battery to last longer may be different. It is nice to know that my battery will last for about 4 to 5oo charges. That means if I charge it every night it will last about 1 to 1 1/2 years. I have had mine for about 3 years and still charges. Maybe the ones with no replacement last longer. Good site and well organized.

    1. Androids are definitely different. I have chosen to specialize in only the iOS operating systems. One reason? According to Counterpoints Monthly Market Pulse in 2016, Apple was selling over 50% of the global premium smartphones compared to Samsung’s 25%. And with the release of the iPhone 7, Apple took off with over 70% compared to Samsung’s 17%. I think with every new model’s release there is ebb and flow, but Apple is the niche I have focused on, and for good reason. Thanks for the comment.

  6. With the way folks nowadays have become dependent on their smartphones, I can see where being able to repair them would beneficial.

    I’ll bet people who repair phones stay pretty busy. Fortunately, I never had to have my phone repair; I guess I am very conscious about it and take good care of my phone.

  7. Hello there,
    My screen broke a month ago when I dropped the iPhone 6s on the floor. I want to fix it myself but don’t really know how to start the whole process. I obviously need a new screen. Do you have any recommendations on where to get the cheapest screen online? I also wonder since you said the top video that explains the fixing isn’t that good and has flaws, which one should I watch that does it correctly?

    1. Hi Dejan,

      My iPhone 6S video is currently in production. I never recommend cheap parts for iPhone screens. You definitely get what you pay for. Generally speaking, buy parts from those that sell lots of parts with strong ratings feedback. All videos have flaws, yes even mine, the key is to go slow and never force anything, AND view multiple videos and repair guides prior to diving into your repair. Good luck! Happy repairing!

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