iPhone Repair Service Near Me or DIY?

Do It Yourself – You CAN do it!

apple-iphone-repair-screenIf you’re one of the 30% of iPhone users who have a broken iPhone, you’ve searched online for iPhone repair service near me or something similar. The internet is filled with hundreds of videos detailing procedures to fix your broken iPhone along with a DIY kit.  The repair business has made a cool $5.9 Billion dollars repairing broken smart phones in the past ten years.

Being part of this repair business for five of those years as a mobile technician and current owner and operator of a store front, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly regarding DIY iPhone repair advice.  As I write, the number one viewed Youtube repair video for an iPhone 6 with a staggering 4.5 million views is produced well and seems clear.  Heck!  It makes the repair look easy, BUT IT HAS FLAWS that, for the DIYer, can cause at minimum lots of frustration, and at worst, irreversible damage.  

I make part of my living repairing iPhones, but the thing that brings me great joy is helping folks in all areas of iPhone repair and advice.

I hope you will find this website a great resource to help guide your iPhone repairs with clarity and honesty from years of training, learning and practice.  I’ve seen and heard almost everything in the iPhone repair business.  The stories I’ve heard and iPhones I’ve seen are as varied as your imagination can take you.  I’ve repaired iPhones from dropping in a toilet to dropping into a glass of chocolate milk…being driven over by a car to being rolled over by a steamroller (really)…being dropped from a lap to being thrown against a wall by an angry girlfriend.

Our iPhones get broken, and for whatever the reason, we need them repaired.  For those of you DIYers out there brave enough to take on the challenge, ask me a question.  I want to help you. Go jump over to another post I have to check out a repair kit I recommend that’s affordable and highly rated for an iPhone 6.  Check out my own screen repair video for an iPhone 6. It gives step by step instructions and time saving strategies to guide your way to a successful DIY iPhone repair.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about your repair, please email me at patrick@iphonerepairtips.com or leave a comment below, and I’d be happy to respond.  Happy repairing!

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