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Why pay for iPhone insurance plans since deductibles are so expensive?


The owner of this phone 6S here walked into my store the other day.  Maybe you’re in the same boat.  If you’re an owner of a broken iPhone and you currently have insurance, you’re probably frustrated at the high deductible replacement cost and still have a broken screen.  What’s the point of even paying for iPhone insurance plans?  It doesn’t seem to be saving me money.

You’re not entirely wrong about that premise; however, to me the number one most important reason insurance is if you’re iPhone gets lost or stolen.  Deductible costs are far less than having to buy a brand new iPhone, and in most cases, less expensive than a refurbished one (unless it’s an older model…and who wants that?).  Broken iPhones can be repaired.  Stolen iPhones cannot.

How likely is it that someone will steal my iPhone?

iphone insurance plansAccording to Consumer Reports, 3.1 million Americans had their smartphone stolen in 2013. What does that mean put simply?  1 in 10 owners of smartphones fell victim to theft, and 68% of them never did recover their phones.

Let’s see if you can guess where smartphones are most prone to theft.


A. A public setting

B. An automobile or house

C. Right off the victim’s person

According to a study compiled in March 2014 by IDG Research, the most likely place a smartphone was stolen was “A” a public place.  Now let’s see if you can guess the most common public place.

A. At work

B. A nightclub or bar

C. Restaurant

According to the same study, the most common place a smartphone was stolen was at “C” a restaurant.

The crazy part?  Of those surveyed, the highest percentage of those iphone insurance planssmartphones stolen in restaurant were simply because the owner left their phone behind.  That’s right.  They forgot and left it behind.  Take inventory when you go to leave a public place.  Wallet? check. Purse? check. Keys? check. Cellphone? check.

There is some good news in these statistics because just last year, Consumer Reports reported, in a similar study, that smartphone theft lowered from the prior study in 2013.  Only 2.1 million smartphone owners had their phones stolen in 2016 compared to 2013’s survey totaling 3.1 million.

The fact remains, there is still a 1 in 13 chance if you’re an owner of a smartphone, it will be stolen this year.  Why?  Because we’re forgetful. Yikes.  One last piece of data that is important when deciding whether to insure your iPhone.  In addition to the 2.1 million stolen smartphones, 3.1 million are reported lost each year.  Both good reasons to insure your iPhone.

What’s the best insurance for my iPhone?

I’m glad you asked.  Check back as I post a review of the top iPhone insurance providers.  If you miss the post, go to my homepage and look under Product Reviews in the menu.

If you enjoyed this read, please leave a comment letting me know.  If you have a question about iPhone insurance or repairs, I’d be happy to address these as well.

Thanks for reading, but before you go…grab your iPhone.


6 thoughts on “iPhone Insurance Plans”

  1. As a former Army radio operator who actually communicated with morse code, I’m dragging my heels into the 21st Century and still haven’t purchased an iPhone. Although I’m getting heavy pressure from the grandkids to step up my technological evolution. The thing that sets me back is the complexity of the iPhone. I wondered if there was insurance. That’s how I found your website. Now, I know and I’ll be checking back to find out which insurance is best.

    1. Thanks Gary. Don’t be too scared. If my seventy five year old mother-in-law can Facetime her grandkids, send texts with emojis and post pictures to Facebook, anyone can do it. Thanks for checking back in about iPhone insurance options. Just a sneak peek, sometimes the best insurance is a quality phone case.

  2. Hey Patrick,
    Thanks for sharing this information. I have to admit, I have been guilty of leaving my phone behind and having to replace it because I didn’t have insurance. I left it in a taxi and when I called my phone the driver ignored it. It happens here in Malaysia and everywhere I suppose. It’s very frustrating but I don’t like dwelling on negativity so I moved on pretty quickly and put it down to lessons learned. Isn’t it amazing how we use our phone so much but can easily leave it behind somewhere…

    1. Great point and so true. If it’s that important, we should tether it to us. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Hopefully you won’t have any more forgetful moments with your iPhone.

  3. I work at a bank as a teller, and I can’t begin to tell you how many people leave their phone at my window. I also remember a time when I had to replace the same phone twice, once due to faulty equipment and second due to a major breakage from dropping it. Thanks to the insurance I had, I didn’t have to pay dime. Great post in explaining how important insurance for your phone is

    1. I can only imagine the amount of phones left at a bank counter. Even though insurance is important for the eventual lost or stolen iPhone, it’s not always the best option when it comes to breaking it. I’m sure you seen just as many broken screens as a teller. Feel free to pass along iphonerepairtips.com for needed DIY money saving repair advice. Thanks again.

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