iPhone Battery Drains Fast: What Can I Do?

My iPhone battery drains fast iPhone-Battery-Drains-Fast

Does your iPhone battery drain fast?  It can over time.  But here’s a tip not many of my customers know when they walk into my store.  Sometimes, it’s actually an issue with the digital sensor.  Do you find your digital readout showing 75% then dropping to 20% and possibly jumping back up to 50%? Does this sound similar to what you are experiencing? Many believe they need a new battery. It could very likely be a calibration issue.

How long should my battery last?

It is true that all LiIon iPhone batteries have a life cycle.  They will eventually wear out; however, generally speaking they will maintain 100% strength for anywhere from 400-500 charging cycles.  After that, the battery will drop to about 80% of its initial capacity.  Multiple issues can negatively effect this “normal” life cycle.  Excessive heat, water exposure, and leaving the iPhone on a charger much of the time to name a few.

However, if your iPhone digital sensor jumps from full charge to low charge in a short amount of time it may very well be a calibration issue.  That digital sensor needs to be calibrated to the actual battery life.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Make sure your iPhone battery is fully drained
  2. Charge it up to full WITHOUT USING THE iPHONE (this is important)
  3. When fully charged, Go into SETTINGS
  4. Select General








5. Scroll down to Reset








6. Select Reset All Settings (DO NOT CHOOSE Erase all Content and Settings…that would be bad)


7. It will ask if you’re sure you want to do this.  Yes you are sure.

This will calibrate your iPhone’s digital sensor to the actual battery life in your phone and will likely stop the battery’s rapid decline in charge percentage.  What will resetting all settings do to my content?  NOTHING.  The only inconvenience will be that you’ll need to re-enter passwords for apps you typically log into automatically.


I’ve saved countless customers time and money with this simple tip.

If this simple and FREE advice gets you back up and running, comment and share your story.  If not, call Apple and they can determine how many charging cycles your battery has  completed.  It may be that it is time to invest in a new battery after all.




7 thoughts on “iPhone Battery Drains Fast: What Can I Do?”

  1. Hey cool tips on the mobile phone battery i never thought that leaving a phone on the charger for too long would negatively affect the battery life…. One that turns off automatically would be gold that way you wouldn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off your charger….

  2. Wow! Your post is a lifesaver! Lol. Gosh you must have just saved me from replacing a battery. Love this little trick. I was concerned too about resetting everything and what it will do, but it didn’t do anything but yes I have re-enter some passwords.

    Thanks so much for your awesome tip. I will pass it along to others!

  3. Hey I tried your tip and it WORKED! I thought I would be cursed with having to carry a charger with me everywhere, but this has made it much better. Thanks for the tip!

  4. This is great information. Should this technique work on all brand cell phones? I find that my cell phones are usually only good for that two-year mark and then they no longer hold a charge for very long. Thanks for this excellent post.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Laurie. I can’t speak to all cell phones as I have only singularly focused on iOS operating system for the iPhones, iPads, iPods. Batteries do have a life cycle and depending upon how well we manage that life cycle it will maintain the charge or deplete it. Thanks again for stopping by.

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