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Apple iPhone: Repair Screen or Claim Insurance?

“To Fix or not to Fix, that is the question?  Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous insurance deductibles or to take payment to get my iPhone repaired…”  Quite possibly Shakespeare, if alive today, would write such a soliloquy.apple iphone repair service

With more and more regularity I get the unfortunate and sheepish customer walk into my store asking the familiar “how much” to fix my iPhone 7? My response is always the same.  I ask, “Do you have insurance?” More often than not, the reply is, “Yes, but the deductible is expensive!”  Here’s the scoop.

There are 3rd party repair companies and individuals who will repair your phone, and I’m sure you’ve already searched the internet under iphone repair service near me (or similarly iphone screen repair); however, BE AWARE! What many of my customers don’t know is this:  If your phone is less than one year old and anyone outside of Apple repairs your phone, it will VOID the 1 year limited manufacture warranty.  Is this a big deal?  Actually, yes.

Brand new iPhones can have “issues” involving their home buttons, charging ports, batteries, hardware or software malfunctions and the like. In fact, as I write this, the new iPhone 7 is having issues with the front and rear cameras totally BLACKED out.  I had a customer come into my store today asking what happened?  After visiting Apple’s support page, apparently he’s not alone.  If your iPhone has any legit issues , like a camera sensor malfunctioning causing black out camera issues, that weren’t due to your dropping, throwing, spilling on or inadvertent slip of your iPhone, it’s likely covered under Apple’s limited 1 year manufacture warranty.  Let me tell you, these issues DO happen.

So here’s my advice to my customers.  As I write this post, after market LCD/Digitizer replacement assemblies are actually more expensive than your deductible, so you won’t be saving money getting your iPhone repaired.  The bigger issue is the manufacture warranty.  My advice?  File an insurance claim and get a replacement iPhone if your iphone screen is broken.  Unfortunately, if your iPhone screen is cracked, and you DO have a qualifying issue under the 1 year limited manufacturer warranty, it won’t be honored.  Why you ask?  Because your “break” was likely a reason for the camera blacking out or the home button not functioning properly.  Even if the issue you are having with your camera blacking out was happening prior to your dropped iPhone, it’s highly unlikely that Apple will honor the warranty.

You want some bonus advice for free because I care?  If you don’t have your iPhone 7 insured, BUY an insurance plan.  There are a few good options to choose from.  If you want to know more about comparing plans, check out my “What’s the Best Insurance Provider for my iPhone?” post under PRODUCT REVIEWS coming soon.