iPhone 6S Repair Kit Review

iPhone 6S Repair Kit Review

If you’re a DIYer, like me, you want to purchase a complete kit to repair your broken iPhone 6S. I recommend the following iPhone 6S Repair Kit.

Corepair Full Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 6s (4.7 Inch) LCD Display Screen Replacement with Front Camera + Facing Proximity Sensor + Ear Speaker + Repair Tools (iPhone 6s White)

This is a quality repair kit that comes highly rated with strong customer reviews of 4.9 out of 5 stars. This kit provides a DIYer with the tools necessary to repair a cracked screen, broken LCD or both on an iPhone 6S Plus White.

Corepair provides this affordable replacement kit for $84.99, can be purchased in either white or black, and is available for Prime members for free two-day shipping.

This screen is a bit more expensive than most; however, it is for good reason. I write about this below in my pros and cons section.

This kit includes:

iPhone 6s LCD touch screen+ digitizer assembly
Front camera
Ear speaker
Front microphone
Proximity sensor
Light sensor
LCD metal back plate
LCD heat shield
NOTE: All the components above were pre-assembled. (WITHOUT Home button)

Replacement Repair Tools:
Philips screwdriver,
Pentalobe screwdriver,
Triangle Pry Pick,
Suction Cup,
Dust Wipes,
Sim card pin
NOTE: Screwdriver head with magnetic. (Convenient for dealing with tiny screws)

Free gift:
9H hardness Tempered Glass for iPhone 6s

Pros and Cons of the Corepair Full Digitizer Assembly repair kit for the iPhone 6S

  • You can purchase repair kits on Amazon for as little as $31 for the iPhone 6S; however, you get what you pay for. These screen replacement kits are typically poorly rated and you get what you pay for.
  • This replacement screen is needed for broken glass (digitizer), as well as a broken LCD.  Broken LCD’s are screens that display lines, discoloring, black blotches, and even all blacked out.
  • This kit does not come with a step by step instructional video or flow chart; however, there are multiple repair videos on Youtube. Check out my youtube channel at iphonerepairtips for step by step repair guides.
  • HUGE PRO…HUGE!  The components that are pre-installed in this device would normally have to be transferred from your broken iPhone 6S screen assembly to your new one. These are intricate and delicate transfers and take quite a bit of time for the first time DIYer. You can save money, but trust me, saving frustration is worth the cost.
  • Corepair stands behind their product with a 6 month warranty for none human factors; however, I always recommend “snapping” in the screen prior to full install to make certain the LCD and digitizer work properly. When buying electronics, there is always a statistical percentage of parts not working even when sellers state they have been tested. If a seller believes the installer damaged to part, they will typically not honor a warranty or replacement.
  • The home button will need to be transferred, but this is normal because the home button on your iPhone is paired to your phone. In other words, the touch ID on your iPhone will only work with your A8 chip. If the touch ID is replaced, it will never work again. The home button will function, but the touch ID will not.

Can I use an iPhone 6 screen to fix my iPhone 6S?

The short answer? NO. Even though the screen size is identical, the components are completely different. Purchasing an iPhone 6S Repair Kit is critical if you want to repair your broken digitizer or LCD on your iPhone 6S. What makes the iPhone 6 different from the 6S?

Key Differences between the iPhone 6 and 6S

  • At first glance, the phones seem virtually identical. As with most “s” series in the iPhone release, there never seems to be any visible change on the outside. The 6S is actually slightly larger and 11% heavier than the 6. It just “feels” a bit more solid in its construction and for good reason.
  • As a repair technician, I don’t repair an iPhone 6 with a frame that isn’t either slightly or moderately bent. Apple upgraded the frame with an aluminum that is 3X stronger than its predecessor.
  • Some of the increased weight comes with the new 3D touch component. There is an added module under the display. This touch feature allows screen pressure to open apps and create shortcut commands.
  • The “S” series have massive upgrades internally. Without getting real technical, it’s faster and looks better. How’s that for easy to understand?
  • The second generation touch ID is much improved as well. It’s more reliable and much more responsive.
  • You’d think with these great upgrades, Apple would have increased the longevity of the battery or had sped up the time it takes to charge the battery. Neither of these is the case. Samsung certainly has edged out iPhone in this department.

DIY Warning

Several years ago when I purchased a screen to fix my son’s 4th generation iPod, I got halfway into the DIY repair and realized I purchased the wrong part. Here’s my advice. DO NOT purchase a piece of glass to fix your broken glass on your iPhone.  You WILL NOT be able to do so.  It’s inviting to drop into your shopping cart a $5-$10 piece of glass with a couple of repair tools included. Looks like this: iphone 6 repair kit

It’s impossible for a DIYer to separate the iPhone’s LCD from the Glass Digitizer.  My domain name for my website in iphonerepairtips for the DIYer for a reason.  I see far too many customers enter my store with iPhone parts in a ziplock baggie and a small brown box holding a piece of glass.  You can’t repair your iPhone with this glass so refrain from the temptation of “saving money”.

Final Thoughts

I like the Corepair iPhone 6S repair kit because it’s a good value and a quality product with strong customer reviews. Typical repair technicians will charge anywhere from $50-$70 in labor.  Why not save some of your hard earned money and DO IT YOURSELF?  It’s extremely gratifying, and we all need to save as many $50 bills as possible.  This iPhone 6S Repair Kit is worth the money.

I trust this review has helped you make an informed decision. If you have any questions please feel free to comment, and I’d be happy to respond.

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