iPhone 6 Screen Repair Kit Review – What DIY kit is the best quality for the price?

What DIY kit is the best to fix my iPhone?

There are hundreds of iPhone 6 screen repair kit options for the DIYer. How can I know I’m getting a good product at a fair price?  Why do prices range significantly?  Who can I trust?  What do I look for in purchasing an iPhone screen repair kit?  These are all valid questions I’ve heard over the years from customers asking about DIY iPhone repair kits. The purpose of this post is to review a fair-priced DIY kit that is highly rated and provides you with the tools necessary to fix your iPhone 6 yourself. In addition, it’s important you know what NOT to purchase. Let’s face it, we are DIYers because we want to save money. I will reveal an extremely important DIY tip that will help guide your buying decision to protect your pocketbook and frustration level.  I recommend the following for product for price and quality:

RSTH LCD Screen Display Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Assembly for iPhone 6

iPhone 6 screen kit


This is a quality repair kit that comes highly rated with strong customer reviews of 4.3 out of 5 stars along with a best sellers ranking of #2 in electronics for cell phone replacement parts. This kit provides a DIYer with the tools necessary to repair a cracked screen, broken LCD or both on an iPhone 6 Black.

RSTH provides this affordable replacement kit for $39.68 and is available for Prime members for free two-day shipping.

Pros and Cons

  • Screen repair kits on Amazon for the iPhone 6 range in price from $20.69 to $64.99.
  • This screen assembly comes pre-installed with the camera and proximity sensor brackets. This is good. Transferring these is an additional challenge that will take you more time.
  • This replacement screen is needed for broken glass (digitizer), as well as a broken LCD.  Broken LCD’s are screens that display lines, discoloring, black blotches, and even all blacked out.
  • RSTH will replace a screen that arrives un-working or damaged; however, it’s extremely important to test the screen by snapping in the LCD and Digitizer flex cables prior to attempting the repair. If RSTH determines you broke the screen assembly during install, they will not honor a return. This is VERY common among retailers for iPhone replacement parts.
  • This screen assembly DOES NOT come with pre-installed touch ID home button or the front facing camera, mic, prox sensor assembly.  These will need to be transferred from your original iPhone to the new assembly. (You can buy iPhone replacement assemblies with all the parts assembled, but I do not recommend doing so.) The reason being is your fingerprint ID is paired with your iPhone. Changing home buttons, or damaging it during install, will forever ruin your touch ID function.
  • RSTH offers replacement kits for both black and white screens.
  • This kit comes with a step by step flow chart; however, I’d recommend following my iPhone 6 Repair Video for an in depth and live broken screen repair.

DIY Warning

Several years ago when I purchased a screen to fix my son’s 4th generation iPod, I got halfway into the DIY repair and realized I purchased the wrong part. Here’s my advice. DO NOT purchase a piece of glass to fix your broken glass on your iPhone.  You WILL NOT be able to do so.  It’s inviting to drop into your shopping cart a $5-$10 piece of glass with a couple of repair tools included. Looks like this: iphone 6 repair kit

It’s impossible for a DIYer to separate the iPhone’s LCD from the Glass Digitizer.  My domain name for my website in iphonerepairtips for the DIYer for a reason.  I see far too many customers enter my store with iPhone parts in a ziplock baggie and a small brown box holding a piece of glass.  You can’t repair your iPhone with this glass so refrain from the temptation of “saving money”.

Final Thoughts

I like the RSTH iPhone 6 repair kit because it’s a good value and a quality product with strong customer reviews. Typical repair technicians will charge anywhere from $50-$70 in labor.  Why not save some of your hard earned money and DO IT YOURSELF?  It’s extremely gratifying, and we all need to save as many $50 bills as possible.  These iPhone 6 repair kits are worth the money.

I trust this review has helped you make an informed decision. If you have any questions please feel free to comment, and I’d be happy to respond.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Screen Repair Kit Review – What DIY kit is the best quality for the price?”

  1. Nice Patrick, i personally use Samsung phones myself, but my best friend has an iPhone 6 and he did actually also crack the screen the other day – so i have just emailed him this article.

    Like you say i mean most technicians charge a bomb just for labour, on top of the parts and admin fees and any other kinds of fees.

    I much prefer trying to get things done with my own two hands, and being that we all have our phones in hands for much of the day, it kind of makes sense to learn more about how our phones function, and what are the bets DIY repair techniques when something goes wrong. I also think that cases are crucial for these phones to avoid cracking screens in the first place.

    1. Hi Marley. Couldn’t agree more about buying a good case. It’s the best insurance. Thanks for passing my article along to your friend. I am about two days away from releasing my iPhone 6 repair video that will take a DIYer completely through the process for a successful DIY repair. Check back in with my website soon.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been looking for a diy repair kit for my iphone 6 for a while now. Thankfully I read your review about RSTH iPhone 6 repair kit. I’ve been using my iphone 6 for a while now and it got a large scren crack. I’m not that good with tech stuff but I want to save money when repairing my iphone. I don’t wanna spend money for labor. Do you think that I can do this by myself? Is there any guide on how to use this repair kit? I greatly appreciate your response.

    1. Hi John. Thanks for your reply. This repair is definitely something you can do yourself. I am just a day or two away from finalizing the production of my iPhone 6 repair video, so check back into my website for a complete how to guide that will take you through the process. Looking forward to hearing your success story.

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