About Me

Who am I?

My name is Patrick, and I have been repairing iOS devices for several years.  When I started, the iPhone 4 was replacing the 3GS.  Yeah.  I know a thing or two about iPhone repairs and have seen the evolution of the good, the bad and the ugly about the newer, sleeker, sexier iPhones today.

How did I get my feet wet in this iPhone repair business?

My 10 year old son cracked the screen on his iPod 4th gen.  As any good dad will say, “I can fix that!”  So I got online and bought a part, watched a video…and voila!  Screwed it up.  Bought another part, same result.  I found an organization start up that was selling DIY kits.  I followed the instructions step by step and SEVERAL hours later, I walked into my son’s room so proud that I had fixed his iPod.  I waited for that huge acceptance of how cool is dad that he fixed my iPod.  Well, he said, “Cool.  Thanks.” and went about his business.  BUT, I was hooked from that day forward.

apple iphone screen repair

I am a full-time school teacher and got interested in iOS device repair as a side job.  Little did I know how busy I’d be fixing iPhones for folks in offices, at job sites, in a car, at Starbucks…even on a park bench.  Bottom line, I love helping people get their phones fixed.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are statistically part of the broken iPhone club.  30% of all iPhone users crack their screen withing 10 weeks of ownership, 11% of you will keep your phone cracked, and 6% of you with cracked phones have tape holding it together.  Ha Ha.  You ARE one of those aren’t you?

I’m still a school teacher going on 22 years, but I’m also a business owner with a brick and mortar retail store.  I still repair iPhones out of my store in beautiful Northern California.

My intent here is to help folks who want to DO IT THEMSELVES.  That’s right.  The DIYer.  At least 1/4, if not 1/3, of my repairs are after a DIYer botched their iPhone repair attempt.  I want to help you help yourself.  I want to post valuable “intel” from the years of lessons and experience I’ve gained in the repair industry.  I also want to give you sound, honest advice that will help you make the best decisions about what to do with your broken phone.

A favorite and simple story.

I had a customer walk in my store not long ago and told me his phone wouldn’t charge any longer.  It

iphone repair service

was out of warranty, he didn’t have insurance, and he was still paying on the phone with no upgrade eligibility for months.  Sound familiar?  He signed a work order, dropped off the phone and said he would return later that afternoon.  Long story short…His dock connector (charging port) was filled with pocket lint.  I cleaned it up.  Charged it up. And had one happy customer that afternoon.  Especially when I didn’t charge him a dime.  I love helping people with their “broken” and seemingly broken iPhones.  Check out my site for many helpful tips, tricks and honest advice to repair your iPhone yourself.